Our Beginning

At SACRED SALT we are all about giving glory to the Lord. This small company was created when the Holy Spirit gave me, Abbey, a little nudge (which later became a large push) to guide people in learning, understanding, and truly embodying what God says about his children! I did this through a guidebook, something to keep handy and reference often, and to hang on your mirror, a place you look every morning.

Our Mission

The mission of SACRED SALT is to provide products that encourage you to nourish your mind, body, and spirit with God’s truth. We create easy-to-use, biblically sound products to help you learn about God’s character, embrace all of His goodness, learn and accept who God declares you are, and grow your faith. Our Bible affirmation card set was created not only to teach you what God says about you, but also to help you renew your mind and believe what God says about you. We want you to know and accept who you are and whose you are. You belong. You are wanted. You are chosen by God. Regardless of your job title, economic status, upbringing, looks, or even how you feel. Stand confident in the fact that God declared you are His child.

Our Founder

Owner/Founder — Abbey Lightbody

Hey y’all! My name is Abbey and I am a child of God! The vision for Sacred Salt was placed on my heart by the Holy Spirit and what a blessing that has been!
I love the Lord and He is graciously walking by my side in this journey called life, and still loves me when I stumble and take my eyes of Jesus. Bless Him! 

I am a thirty-something, wife to my husband, Justin. We’ve been married for 14 years and to this day, I’m not sure why he puts up with me. We have two girls who are wonderful and stressful at the same time. They are the greatest gift and I love them with all I am, but wow. . . why didn’t anyone tell me that having babies would become toddlers, tweens, then teens. . .all in the blink of an eye?! My gray hair I try to hide under color is well-earned. That’s for sure.

I’m originally from a small town in central Illinois in the middle of cornfields. 7 years into marriage, the Lord called us to work in Texas so we packed up and moved across the country. Much has changed since then, but we still reside in God’s Country. 

After we’d been in Texas a short time, God started calling me to pursue a different path. It wasn’t until the Lord proved to me time and time again that my corporate job wasn’t what He had planned for me, that I finally became obedient. Being stubborn for quite some time didn’t do me any favors. However, once I listened to Him I left my corporate job in 2018 and with that, left so much of my identity. My soul searching started immediately after I resigned from my old life and over the next few years experienced a lot of life in a short amount of time. There were many life lessons, some trauma, my father’s death, personal overindulgence, a global pandemic, and thankfully, self-discovery and growth in my relationship with God. After all of that, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to create a product to help me embrace my identity in Christ. He didn’t want me to feel lost anymore. I had placed so much of my identity in my career, my role as a mom and wife, and what I owned…things I do and things I like, not “who I was.” Shortly after I began the task of creating a product, the vision for Sacred Salt was placed on my heart by the Holy Spirit. It was clear He wanted me to share my product with others. That brings us to today and I am incredibly blessed to be on this journey. Glory to God!