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  • Digital Journal


    Do you have our Child of God Biblical Affirmation Card Set and want to get the absolute most out of them? Then this journal is for you!

    This download is a total of two pages. Page one is a Journal Guide to help you with how to best utilize the Daily Journal template and the second page is the actual Daily Journal Download. You can use this Daily Journal digitally on your tablet or you can print the PDF and put it in your favorite binder (some of us still like to use pen and paper LOL).

    This Daily Journal template was created to help you embrace the biblical affirmation statement, memorize the supporting scripture, but also help you dive in a bit deeper. Are you struggling with embracing a particular affirmation? That’s ok! Jot down why you think that is and ask God to help you work through that.

    We know you may not have a lot of time, so we’ve made this a simple, yet valuable tool to use. This simple printable allows you to get in a 5-minute affirmation, scripture verse, and praise God each morning or evening night. Plus, after you’ve gone through the year-long Biblical Affirmation Card Set, you may want to reflect back on some things to see where you easily embraced God’s Word and where it was a bit more difficult.

    Once you purchase, you will be given a download link to this two-page file, saved as a PDF. This can be printed and used immediately in partnership with your Child of God Biblical Affirmation Card Set.

  • Free Digital Sample


    Interested in our Bible Affirmation Card Set, but want to know more about it before buying the whole thing? You’re in the right place.

    Before you commit to purchasing the entire Bible Affirmation Card Set (which includes 61 cards, suction cup with hook, and 14 static cling mirror stickers), you can grab this digital download! This free sample provides a glimpse of the content included on our affirmation cards. 

    Once you like what you see, you can purchase the entire Bible Affirmation Card Set package!