Choose to take action

Today, as I was driving, the song, “Pour Your Spirit Out” by Thrive Worship came on the radio and the lyrics got me thinking about how important it is to choose to take action. God is working in our lives, but we have to contribute too.

The chorus of the song says, “All we have to do is just ask, seek, knock, watch the door swing wide open. Roll back that stone.” All of these words are verbs, action words. So there I was, worshipping in the car, belting out these words when I was reminded of the responsibilities you and I have as children of God. This wasn’t a negative thought. Instead it was almost like a gentle reminder from the Lord that yes, He is capable of anything and yes, He is working in our lives. However, we can’t just sit back expecting Him to do all the leg work. We have responsibilities too. We have to choose to take action. 

Are we actively looking for God?

What first caught my attention was the last verb in the series, “watch.” When God moves in our lives, others’ lives, or even when it appears He being completely still…He is there and He is working. If we aren’t paying attention and we aren’t ACTIVELY looking for God, no wonder we don’t see what He is doing! If everything around us seems to be going wrong, imagine what would happen if we took a second to look out the window to see a blooming flower, budding tree, little squirrel, or small children playing. That active decision to try and see God has the ability to reveal something He is doing. One little action of looking out the window could shift our entire attitude.

Ask, seek, knock, watch

As I started unpacking this song more, I thought about the other verbs in the song. ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK.

When we go through difficult situations, face uncomfortable conversations, trudge through a season of sickness, or struggle in ANY way, we have to choose to take action and ASK God for guidance, wisdom, and comfort. There are some situations we even have to ask Him to take away the problem or remove us from the problem. We have to choose to SEEK His face, seek His help, seek His desires. We have to KNOCK at God’s door. The Bible says to make our requests known to God! Sure, we have the option of not choosing to take action, but that’s not beneficial for anyone. God gives us the choice to choose Him every day.  

I pray that you and I actively choose to take action and do life today with God. I pray we intentionally take action to focus on Him and refuse to allow our focus to shift away from Jesus. I pray that we invite Him in to guide us in whatever is taking place in our lives. If you need a resource to help you embrace who God says you are as a child of God, check out our Biblical Affirmation Card Sets.

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